Save ANG 35,- p.p. on a 4-hour Boat Trip

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How would you like to Save ANG 35,- p.p.

on a 4-hour Boat Trip?

Read till the end and I’ll tell you how.

I’m Captain Coconut and I’m one of the Captains of Aqua Adventures.

We are here to bring you a Joyful boat trip experience on the Spanish Water.

Hop aboard our large pontoon boat at the Fisherman’s Harbour at Caracasbaai.

There is plenty of space on our wide boat so that you can enjoy the water comfortably.

We start by sightseeing the beautiful homes, boats, yachts, and picturesque nature of the Spanish Water.

An hour after departure we arrive at the pier of the beautiful Santa Barbara Beach Resort.

Here you can swim and relax while listening to Awesome Tunes, if it’s a dance party you want, go for it, we’ll blast the speakers so you dance to your heart’s content.

While here we’ll also serve you our Tasty Dushi BBQ, which includes Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce, our Homemade Burger with Garlic Bread, and our Famous Potato Salad!

To Drink our open bar includes Water, Fresh Lemonade, and our Signature Cocktail: The Captains Punch with Rum or Vodka.

If it’s beer, wine, or whiskey you want, we offer them at happy hour prices, and we also offer vegan or vegetarian bbq options.

You can also upgrade to our Tasty Dushi Gourmet BBQ that includes 3 or 4 choices.

Choose from: shrimps, salmon, tuna, tenderloin, hanging tender, rib eye, ribs, or pork chops.

We also offer special catering services on private trips.

So the food choices are unlimited.

Our 4-hour trips are available anytime between 7 am and 11 pm. So you can do a day trip, a sunset cruise, or a night cruise.

Now here is how you can save 35 guilders on this awesome boat trip.

Usually, the contribution of this trip is 110 guilders per person.

For a limited time, we have limited tickets for only 75 guilders

You pay half now and half when you step aboard.

So for 37,50 you can reserve your ticket now and have up to a year to use it.

Join one of our weekly scheduled trips or you can make your group of 6 and enjoy your own private boat trip.

Also, when you and your group get 6 tickets now, later when the government is not implementing the 50% maximum capacity rule per location, you can buy up to 4 more tickets at the special offer rate of 75 guilders and have a group of 10 aboard your private trip.

As you can see we prepared a super awesome special deal for you.

It’s a no brainer that this is a super awesome special deal.

And that’s why we can only offer limited tickets at this rate and only for a limited time.

We honestly don’t know how long this deal will last so if you want to take advantage of this deal reserve your ticket now on this page.

Click Here to Reserve Now

Once you reserve your ticket you have 24 hours to make a payment, we accept credit cards, bank transfers, you can pass by our office to pay cash.

Our driver can also pick up cash for 5 guilders.

If you have questions you can WhatsApp us at +5999 521-9944.

You can also Direct Message us on Facebook or Instagram

What should you do next?

1. Share this offer with friends or family you want to do a boat trip with.

2. Reserve your ticket.

3. Start thinking what date you want to come aboard to experience your awesome day on the water.

Okay, Enjoy the rest of your day or night, I’m Captain Coconut of Aqua Adventures and we are ready to show you an awesome experience on the beautiful Spanish Water.

As we say in Papiamentu:

Bin Gosa Ku Aqua Adventures

Come Enjoy with Aqua Adventures